The term ‘wetsuit’ refers to the concept of ‘the living wetsuit’ – a dynamic and interconnected ‘garment of flesh’ that envelops and links all aspects of your body, including its bones, muscles, organs, tissues, cell, and biological molecules.

Understanding our body’s anatomical structure influences how we care for it.

Our bodies are naturally whole. They come in one piece and function as a cohesive unit. Yet, when anatomists scientifically dissect them – a process that damages the fascia (soft connective tissue) – our bodies appear to be made up of many different ‘body parts.’

Wetness Wellness workshops are founded on a modern integrative anatomical model – ‘the living wetsuit’ – which recognizes the body’s interconnectedness as well as it’s individual components. This innovative approach allows us to combine contemporary medical knowledge with a range of natural body care practices that you can safely use at home to alleviate discomfort and enhance your overall health and vitality.