The Living Wetsuit


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The Living Wetsuit is an analogy for a person’s whole and life-energy-infused fleshy body garment. It is made from a special type of biological fabric – a living textile that surrounds, interweaves between, and infiltrates everything else in the body – including its organs and skeleton of bones. The Living Wetsuit’s supple three-dimensional fabric (the body’s soft connective tissue, or fascia) connects all of the body’s so-called parts (i.e., cells, tissues, organs and organ systems), uniting them into a single body whole.

This book is designed to be interesting and useful to the general public (as well as university-trained health experts).

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1 review for The Living Wetsuit

  1. Dixie Carlton

    This book makes it so much easier to understand why there is power in massage, and how to better take care of myself when I’m aching and sore from injury or overdoing it. I hope that from reading this book I’ll live longer in better health through stretching and caring about my own Living Wetsuit better.

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