Praise from Industry Experts and Lay Readers

“Why didn’t I know about fascia years ago? The Living Wetsuit is a searingly relevant book to anyone with a body, and adds a startling new dimension for understand the body. A delightfully, sensitively written book.”

Dinah Dolbel, Barrister (NZ)

“It is always good to see vital information made accessible to all, and Sue Adstrum’s The Living Wetsuit conveys an understanding of the fascial system and its importance in an easy-to-read way. This book will give the reader an awareness of their own body that can only empower them; it is much needed!

Jan Trewartha, Founder/director of the British Fascia Symposium; director of The Fascia Hub (UK)

“The profound wisdom and depth of understanding provided in this book regarding our bodies and what is needed to support their well-being and health is incredibly timely.

While reading The Living Wetsuit, I experienced a growing awareness of how little I had really thought about my body, let alone understood it. This book expresses such breadth of perspective and understanding about our bodies, including how they move and the function and significance of the fascia. I have new insights into the importance of our relationship with our body and how integral this awareness is to our healing and well-being.”

Hilary Foged, Leadership consultant (NZ)

“Sue Adstrum’s clarity of explanation in The Living Wetsuit shows a deep understanding of fascia, a subject that is gradually claiming its rightful place in the study of human biology. Her practical image of a skeleton wearing a complete one-piece fascia-pervaded ‘living wetsuit’ is a simple, fun way of explaining the body’s fascia that instantly makes sense.

An interesting, informative, accessible, and overall delightful read, The Living Wetsuit is an invaluable resource for all medical professionals, manual therapists, bodyworkers, movement and yoga teachers, students of anatomy and physiology, or for anyone interested in the human body and how to maintain it.”

Mary Dalgleish, Vice-president of the Federation of Holistic Therapists; complementary therapist, trainer and author (UK)

The Living Website by Sue Adstrum PhD

The Living Wetsuit book by Sue Adstrum

Imagine a soft and squishy ‘wetsuit’ that surrounds, connects, supports and protects your body’s skeleton of bones, your organs, your nerves, your muscles . . .

Imagine this ‘wetsuit’ is alive, dynamic, and infused with an energy – a spirit – that disappears when you die …

Praise from Industry Experts and Lay Readers

“The Living Wetsuit is super engaging, easy to understand and well researched. It is also a ground-breaking and very important book that significantly progresses the way we think about anatomy and healthcare. A real eye-opener which will inspire many (as it has me) to use their new-found and expanded knowledge of anatomy and their ‘living wetsuit’ to change the ways they care for their body and help it heal. Please read this book and recommend it to your friends and open-minded health professionals.”

Joan Mirkin, Retired Ministry of Health consultant (NZ)

A brilliantly entertaining and informative read, Sue Adstrum’s ‘living wetsuit’ analogy gives us a way of understanding the body’s whole and alive structure. Acknowledging the body’s innate wholeness, she explains, makes it possible for us to adjust and improve the ways we heal and look after it, through our additional use of fascia-relating bodywork and movement therapies. This will be very useful for all readers, not only for those who are dealing with chronic health and pain problems.”

Robert Schleip PhD, Director of the Fascia Research Group, Ulm University (GER)

“Sue Adstrum has succeeded in translating many years of study and practical clinical experience into a well-written and easy-to-understand explanation of the relationship between anatomy, fascia, and what she calls the ‘living wetsuit’. The ‘living wetsuit’ is an intuitive explanation of perhaps why many people have so many problems. My favourite quote from this book: ‘Everyone – not just university educated “experts” and health professionals – can benefit from learning more about their body’s structure, because it relates to the ways we care for it and, when needs be, help it to heal.”

Ian Pollard, Group managing director/chairman, Delta Insurance Group (NZ)

“The Living Wetsuit is the first book I’ve seen that explicitly relates our knowledge of anatomy to the ways we can think about improving our health and wellness. The book’s power lies in its ability to gently persuade laypeople and professionals alike of the extreme importance of this phenomenal tissue, fascia, as the ‘foundation of all of life’ (as J-C Guimberteau called it). A ground-breaking and important book. Read it – and recommend it to your friends. Mention it to any open-minded health professionals that you might know. Absolutely none of us can afford to be ignorant about this subject.

Carol M Davis, DPT, EdD, MS, FAPTA, Professor Emerita, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine (USA)

“With diligent attention to the historical development of human anatomy, Sue Adstrum painstakingly presents an understanding of fascia and its structures and functions as an overlooked and under-researched anatomical feature. She offers us an additional, no-nonsense way of thinking about our body and its care using the metaphor of the living wetsuit – ‘a ubiquitous gel’ with inclusions that encase and connect our skeleton, muscles and organs to make us a ‘life-energy-infused’ whole. It is a good, easy, informative read.

Kath Ryan, PhD, Professor Emerita, School of Pharmacy, University of Reading (UK/NZ)

“Simply written, creatively expressed and intriguingly postured, The Living Wetsuit is a powerful reminder that the human body is so much more than we have envisioned it to be. Sue Adstrum’s passion for, and knowledge of, fascial anatomy underpins this insightful book about fascia’s critical importance and relevance in diagnosing, treating, and healing many health conditions. Imagine if every health professional understood this deeper holistic view of the human body Sue has so eloquently unveiled … it would change how healthcare is practiced. This book will be a recommended read for all my students.

Beth Beauchamp, Medical massage therapist and myofascial release educator (NZ)

At last, an anatomy book that won’t put you to sleep!

Sue Adstrum integrates years of anatomical and medical knowledge into a simple and easy-to-understand concept sure to stand the test of time. This fantastic and innovative book will deepen your understanding of anatomy, from its history through to today’s revolutionary cutting edge, and open your eyes to new possibilities of health and well-being, all at your fingertips.

Informative, easy to follow, and packed full of info, The Living Wetsuit integrates and weaves together multiple disciplinary views in an easy-to-understand format. A brilliant book, long overdue.

Eileen Glover, Osteopath and health educator (NZ)

The Living Wetsuit takes you on a journey into your own body. Where others have pulled apart the human body, Sue Adstrum has brought it back together in a simple, beautiful and creative way with her ‘living wetsuit’. A must-read for all bodyworkers and health practitioners, and everyone who lives in a body.

As a bodyworker myself, I have witnessed how changing the way we see and treat the human body can change our clients’ lives forever. The Living Wetsuit clearly explains the message of what is happening under the skin – this knowledge is for sharing with one and all.

Bernie Landels, Board-certified structural integrator (IASI) and bodywork practitioner (UK)

The concept of the ‘living wetsuit’ helps to expand the idea of fascia as biological fabric with a modern metaphoric twist that enhances our understanding of how it functions. Sue Adstrum has laid out the story with a passionate appreciation for sharing this topic and insight into helping ourselves and others to healthier living.

Laurice D Nemetz, Adjunct associate professor, Pace University (USA)

The Living Website by Sue Adstrum PhD

The Living Wetsuit book by Sue Adstrum

Imagine a soft and squishy ‘wetsuit’ that surrounds, connects, supports and protects your body’s skeleton of bones, your organs, your nerves, your muscles . . .

Imagine this ‘wetsuit’ is alive, dynamic, and infused with an energy – a spirit – that disappears when you die …